In the 70’s we made…

Garage bands into Rock Stars

Recording studios into Hit Factories

And helped turn Hi-Fi into High-Definition

                                           Now we’re back…

The company was recently restarted by its original founders to continue building on its legacy of technical advances in the enjoyment of music.

Please Note: We are no longer accepting new vintage tube amp restoration projects.

We will complete all restorations currently in queue and continue to support our vintage restoration customers. However, we are moving out of the restoration business and into designing and manufacturing high-end audio products once again.

Products in Development:

Headphone PowerTap

Why use a puny headphone amp when you already own a big power amp?

• Use any power amp to drive your headphones

• Taps off just the right amount of power for your headphones

• Impedance matching

More information will be available soon!

The Tube Lab

Fully computerized tube tester!

• Tests tubes at full voltage

• Provides complete performance curves

• Software driven data analysis and tube matching

We’ve been secretly developing this for over seven years, and more information will be available soon!