Fisher 500-B – Gold Restoration [SOLD]


Many prefer the 500B’s sound over the more common 500C. With the famous “magic eye” tuning indicator it is superb retro piece of technical art. The sound quality is excellent… This particular 500B won’t disappoint you.

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Platinum Level restored FISHER 500-B Receiver  

A beautiful vintage Fisher receiver in its original wood cabinet. The original owner’s manual, service manual and warranty documentation is also included.

The receiver section has been fully aligned and brought back to the original factory specifications. The phono section has also been completely refurbished, with a matched pair of ‘primo’ (selected for low noise & microphonics) vintage Telefunken 17mm smooth plate 12AX7’s installed.  The tone control / audio line amp section has a matched pair of vintage tall ribbed plate Blackburn Mallards, and the inverter/driver is a perfectly matched pair on new Mallards. The output is a brand new, perfectly matched Electro-Harmonix 7591A Quad. All other tubes are Fisher branded Telefunken. (All test NOS strong)

This beautiful sounding receiver performs like new, delivering all the legendary sound of Fisher tube components.  There are a few small scratches on the top center of the faceplate. The original Fisher walnut case has a few dings and other mars in the finish, but has been refinished and is in over-all good condition considering its age. (See photos)


  • Faceplate, Knobs and Chassis in very good condition
  • Re-caped and all resistors checked – 14 resistors and 18 capacitors were replaced using top-of-the-line components
  • Regulated power supply and dynamic bias circuitry added
  • All switches and controls were cleaned and lubricated
  • All switch contacts were hand burnished
  • Tubes replaced with thoroughly tested matched-pairs (see above)
  • FM receiver critically aligned and tested to meet all original specs
  • Audio amp driver balance and output bias circuit critically aligned
  • All controls function perfectly
  • Sound quality is superb, with a clear detailed soundstage

As always, this unit comes with our no-risk 14 day money-back satisfaction guarantee.