Fisher X-101-D Platinum Restoration [SOLD]


The X-101-D was one of the last tube amps designed by Fisher, and most powerful of the 101 series.

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A Platinum Level restored 1966 Fisher X-101-D
60 Watt Stereo Amplifier with the original America Walnut cabinet 

The X-101-D utilizes Fisher’s most advanced 60 watt (30 watts/channel) design, and largest 7591 output transformers, giving it increased low-end response and definition.  This fine example of 1960’s American engineering now looks and sounds beautiful again.


  • Faceplate, Knobs and Chassis in very good condition.
  • Re-caped and all resistors checked – 7 resistors, 18 capacitors and two rectifier diodes were replaced using top-of-the-line components.
  • Power supply regulation and dynamic bias circuitry added
  • All switches and controls were cleaned and lubricated.
  • All switch contacts were hand burnished.
  • Old tubes replaced with thoroughly tested matched-pairs. All new Mallard 12AX7’s and new JJ Tesla 7591S outputs.
  • All controls function perfectly.
  • Driver balance and bias circuit critically aligned.

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