Scott LK-30 – Gold Restoration [SOLD]


This beautiful 1964 30 watt (15 watts/ch) integrated tube amp has been meticulously restored to AEA’s “Gold Level.”

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Cosmetically, electronically and sonically, it is in virtually perfect condition.  It has been professionally restored to the highest standards.

Not just a “basic” re-cap restoration or “service” that you typically see listed.
Every inch has been thoroughly inspected, tested, replaced, restored, polished and upgraded where needed.

The sound quality is superb, with a rich, detailed and open soundstage.
This little beauty is one of the best sounding amps we have come across.
Even the most demanding audiophile will not be disappointed.

Capacitors have been replaced with types of the highest quality. The output coupling capacitors, line amp
and phono stage capacitors are all rare polystyrene types.

The power supply has additional non-polar polypropylene filter caps, and a MOV inrush current limiter has been added.

The output tubes are a perfectly matched quad of NOS vintage Telefunken ECL86’s! They test ‘perfect’ on a calibrated Hickok KS-15560 tube tester. The phono preamp consists of a matched pair of Electro-Harmonix 12AX7-EH’s and a JJ ECC803S is used in the line amp stage. Each hand selected and tested for low noise and microphonics.


  • Faceplate, Knobs and Chassis in very excellent condition
  • Re-caped and all resistors checked – 9 resistors, 17 capacitors and two rectifier diodes were replaced using top-quality “audiophile” components
  • All switches and controls were cleaned and lubricated
  • All switch contacts were hand burnished
  • All controls function perfectly
  • Driver balance and bias circuit critically aligned
  • Performs like-new

Comes with a 14 day money-back satisfaction guarantee–  Plus our 6 month no-cost maintenance warranty. 

This video also provides a brief tour of the ‘business-end’ of our listening room, along with our A/B switching setup. The large screen is displaying our patent-pending real time spectrum display comparing the input signal and output signals while the amplifier plays music.

Our unique computer analysis measurement system allows AEA to not only measure the performance of amplifiers while they are playing music; it allows us to “see” why one amp sounds different than another, and use that insight in designing each stage of the amplifier. The results speak for themselves. Or should we say, “sing for themselves.”