Fisher 500C Gold Restoration [SOLD]


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This Gold-Level restored Fisher 500C is amazing. It has a lot of low end punch with nice treble extension. The micro-detail that the 500C is famous for is astounding, and the mid-range has pure classic Fisher warmth.


  • Ultrasonically cleaned
  • Hand polished and sealed
  • Power supply capacitance upgraded 200%
  • All signal path capacitors replaced and resistors checked
  • Inrush current limiter
  • All tubes are thoroughly tested with new curve matched output tubes
  • Output tubes biased on our computerized spectrum analyzer for best harmonic content
  • FM tuner critically aligned using laboratory-grade equipment

As a Gold Level restoration, this amp is backed by AEA’s 14 day money-back satisfaction guarantee, plus our Gold Level 6 month no-cost maintenance warranty.

Please see our Gold Level Restoration service description for more restoration details