Fisher KX-200 Restored & Modified [SOLD]


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This Gold-Level restored Fisher KX-200 has not only been fully restored by our expert team at AEA, but has also undergone our signature shunt regulated power supply modification. Originally, a restored KX-200 sound marvelous, however with the added regulation of the power supply, it now sounds absolutely glorious with a tight and deep low end punch and pure treble extension. The micro-detail is astounding, and the mid-range has pure classic Fisher warmth.


  • Faceplate, Knobs and Chassis in very good condition.
  • Transformer out ultrasonic cleaning
  • Hand polishing of components
  • Power supply capacitance upgrade
  • Recap of signal path capacitors
  • Custom shunt regulated power supply
  • Inrush current limiter
  • Modern three prong power cord
  • Modern banana speaker jacks
  • All tubes are thoroughly tested new curve matched pairs
  • Driver balance and output tube bias circuit critically aligned on a spectrum analyzer to perfectly match the new production output tubes and to produce the best harmonic content.

As a Gold Level restoration, this amp is backed by AEA’s 14 day money-back satisfaction guarantee, plus our Gold Level 6 month no-cost maintenance warranty.

Please see our Gold Level Restoration service description for more restoration details

View the full Performance Report of this amp

This video also provides a brief tour of the ‘business-end’ of our listening room, along with our A/B switching setup. The large screen is displaying our patent-pending real time spectrum display comparing the input signal and output signals while the amplifier plays music.

Our unique computer analysis measurement system allows AEA to not only measure the performance of amplifiers while they are playing music; it allows us to “see” why one amp sounds different than another, and use that insight in designing each stage of the amplifier. The results speak for themselves. Or should we say, “sing for themselves.”

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