Scott 299 – Gold Restoration [SOLD]



This Scott 299 has been lovingly and expertly restored. The result is a 299 that not only looks amazing, but performs %100 to the best of its ability – tight low end punch, beautiful treble extension, and classic tube warmth.

Complete Gold-Level Restoration Details:

  • Faceplate, knobs and chassis in very good condition
  • Transformer out ultrasonic cleaning
  • Hand polishing and detailing
  • Power supply caps replaced and capacitance upgraded
  • Signal path capacitors replaced
  • All resistors checked
  • Inrush current limiter added
  • All tubes are thoroughly tested matched-pairs
  • Driver balance and bias circuit critically aligned on our spectrum analyzer to perfectly match the new production output tubes and to null out odd order harmonics

As a Gold Level restoration, this amp is backed by AEA’s 14 day money-back satisfaction guarantee, plus our Gold Level 6 month no-cost maintenance warranty.

Please see our Gold Level Restoration service description for more restoration details


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